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It's gonna be a bit long so if you're too lazy to read it it's cool just skip it :)

Hi, my name is Camila, I am 29 years old and I am an Art director and Illustrator.
I have been working and living in Paris for 7
 years, I recently finished a several months contract at The New York Times / T Brand Studio as the Art Director EMEA and I hope to start a new adventure soon.

Since I graduated in 2015 from the Brassart school in Nantes in Graphic Design and Multimedia, I have freelanced with various brands and agencies. Among which we can name: Le Slip Français, La Belle-Iloise, Krys, L’oréal, 20 minutes, Mr Barbier, etc. Including a graphic studio Atelier Mayanne Trias with which I worked hand in hand for 4 years and thanks to which, I had the opportunity to work for great brands.
I attach great importance to working as much as possible with committed brands that produce locally and in responsible ways.
For example, Le Slip Français is a prêt-à-porter french brand aiming to guide its customers towards more meaningful, responsible, and ecological purchase habits. La Belle-Iloise, for whom I have designed their gourds with Qwetch for a commitment to zero plastic waste in the ocean or the Eco TLC association. Therefore, I made the RRR logo "Repair, re-use, recycle" used by many fashion brands.

I believe more than anything that design can participate in changes in our society and our mentality, and I am happy to be able to contribute to it.

I can work in print, webdesign (UI / UX), illustration, packaging, and merchandising. I was able to design Spring-summer 19 subway campaign for Le Slip Français. I also had the unique experience of winning an online video contest organized by Keepcan (a french energy drink), which made me fly with my friend Mathilde for a one-month world tour: Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Honolulu, and San Francisco. Our job: travel, take photos and videos for 30 days to promote the brand on its social networks.

I especially like spirited brands and agencies because while design is a serious business, everyone should enjoy it and have fun.

Fun facts about me: I worked for Greenpeace as a donor/recruiter, I was a jury for the French slam league cup, I’m a Gemini ascendant Ravenclaw, and I love to listen to Disney songs when I’m working, so voilà!



Art direction


UX - UI design



Visual merchandising

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